VIDEO: Cacheapalooza 6


These days, most of us are probably used to seeing people wander through the woods looking at a GPS, right? On a normal day, you might see solo geocachers or small groups along the trail, but head to an event like Cacheapalooza 6 and you'll see what it's really all about. Be prepared to camp, hang out with good people and spend a couple of days in the woods looking for treasure.

Cacheapalooza is the second gathering of cachers that I've been to this year, and these folks know how to have a great time! Florida has an incredible geocaching community, with tons of families taking part in the activity. If you haven't been geocaching and aren't quite sure what it's all about, here's an article that can get you started. Have fun!

Want to see a few more photos from Cacheapalooza 6? I'll upload some to the VISIT FLORIDA Outdoors and Nature Facebook page

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