Nature in a Minute: Dotted Horsemint


There are so many wildflowers in bloom in the fall! For this week's Nature in a Minute video, take a look at Dotted Horsemint, also known as Beebalm. 

Dotted Horsemint is in the mint family, and features some pretty showy purple and white flowers. It's one of those Florida native wildflowers that has a unique look, so you shouldn't have a problem identifying it once you have seen it a time or two. Dotted Horsemint attracts a huge number of pollinators; bees, wasps, and butterflies are all commonly seen when it is in bloom.

It also makes a great addition to your Florida-friendly yard, but can easily overwhelm other plants in your garden. Keep Dotted Horsemint in check by giving it plenty of space, or plant it in corners where it will make a pretty patch of flowers in the fall. When it gets cooler, it will die back to the ground, but should come back up in the spring.

Check out the video, and keep your eyes peeled for Dotted Horsemint along roadsides and trails, and make sure to visit the Florida Wildflower Foundation for lots of great info on other native species, too.

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