Nature in a Minute: Spiny Orb Weaver


This week's Nature in a Minute video was a tough one, my friends! Not that the subject matter was hard to find, mind you. Things were tough because of the mosquitoes, which were insane where I was at on that day. I'm not a big fan of insect spray, and I typically choose to just cover up exposed skin when I'm rambling around, but that was a full-on skeeter spray kind of day – yet another reason to always come prepared.

If you see these guys in your yard, you might want to think about letting them hang around. They will take care of other less desirable insects in both vegetable and flower gardens, and they aren't the type to want to come inside your home. They look a little mean, but I think that's to show the other bad bugs who's boss!

Anyway, check out the video and learn a little bit about the Spiny Orb Weaver, a small colorful spider that you'll find all over the state. Enjoy!

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