Nature in a Minute: Resurrection Fern


Woohoo! Check it out, my friends – I'm starting a few new exciting things here on the blog. On Mondays, I'll be showing you a little of the natural side of Florida in my "Nature in a Minute" series. I'm always out and about, so I figured I'll give a quick lesson on some things that I see in the woods.

There are a lot of other cool posts throughout the week, too. I'm working out all the kinks, but will also be profiling individual trails, blogging about my adventures, updating you on events around the state and showing off some of my favorite gear. Keep watching; this is going to be good!

This week's Nature in a Minute video is on Resurrection Fern, which you probably have seen quite a few times. I'm so amazed at this fern; it grows all over Florida, the eastern United States and even in parts of Africa! It's been on a shuttle mission, and it's been estimated that it can survive close to 100 years without any rainfall. Check out the video:

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