Guest Blogger: My Mom, Linda Wheatt


Dalia's note: Last week, my dad blogged about his and my mom's first day vacationing in Florida. Seeing the great response he got on Facebook, my mother was eager to get in on the fun. So here's my mom, Linda Wheatt, to share what my parents did on day 2 of their Florida adventure.

What does it cost to feed a lion for a day?

About $25, we found out. That's the AAA-discounted price our our admission to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.

Our visit to the animal sanctuary answered a lot of other questions we'd never considered: How many lynx does it take to make a fur coat? Why are some babies called kittens and others cubs? Which big cat can carry 1.5 times its weight up a tree?

Information was interspersed with jokes throughout the comfortable walk. There was enough shade to offset the 90-degree heat, and plenty of opportunity for picture-taking. An Australian tour guide made the experience even more exotic, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

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