Snorkeling Three Sisters Springs


You know, I'm really fortunate to have an out-of-this-world freshwater spring really close by home. I live in Inverness, so a drive over to King's Bay in Crystal River is only about 25 minutes. It's only about an hour or so from my driveway to Three Sisters Springs, so I'm in complete paradise in under an hour!

Now that we are back in the warm (OK, hot) months, you'll find me paddling around somewhere -- and Three Sisters Springs is an old favorite for me. I've blogged about Three Sisters Springs plenty of times before, but I think this is the first snorkeling experience I shared here.

Here's another way that I'm lucky -- my wife Amanda usually has Mondays off from work, so we use that day to beat the crowds that you'll find on the weekends. We loaded up our small springs kayaks and snorkel gear and spent over two hours pretty much by ourselves! One thing that we will need to get is a good underwater camera -- we had a blast taking pictures snorkeling down into the main spring vents.

I guess the point to this blog post is if you have time on the weekdays, head for the nearest freshwater spring - they really are the best way to beat the heat! I didn't get much in the way of video this time, but Amanda snapped some really cool pictures that make me look like I am super deep underwater.

Want to visit Three Sisters Springs for yourself? If you have your own kayak, launch from either Hunter's Spring Park or King's Bay Park - it's a really easy paddle to the spring. If you want to rent a kayak, check out Kayaks and Beyond, which their launch point is only about ten minutes away from Three Sisters Springs. Heck, launch from there even if you have your own boat - check them out at

See you at Three Sisters Springs! 

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Hi, great article and very helpful. What are the chances of a snorkling experience this time of year with the manatees and is there a company you recommend or suggest. Thanks so much!
If this is a National Wildlife Refuge, then why are you not keeping people out so the Manatees can have there privacy? It's overcrowded with people bothering them snorkeling and swimming and touching them too. I find this disgusting that the Manatees winter refuge is not protected for them! I know you do it for MONEY but it hurts the Florida Manatees! People should only be able to view them and not go in the water with them.