Check out Northwest Florida's Grayton Beach State Park


After being on the road for a few days and seeing so many beautiful places I found myself late Thursday night rolling into my campsite at Grayton Beach State Park. I was tired so I didn't even bother to set up my tent - the cool thing about traveling in a Honda Element is that the seats will join up to make a bed or something close to one I suppose. All I wanted to do was get some rest. So I pulled in rolled down the windows and put that seat on recline.

It was a little warm out -- not muggy but that warm salty feeling that lets you know that you are near the beach without even seeing it. I was a little afraid that with the windows down that I would be a nice late night snack for the mosquitoes but to my surprise I didn't get bitten at all. Also what I initially thought was thunder was actually the sound of the ocean pounding the shoreline behind the dunes. That sound had me fast asleep in just a matter of minutes.

I awoke early the next morning to discover an amazing scene through my windshield. Through the trees I could see the powder-white dunes on the beach and a piece of Western Lake - one of several ultra-rare coastal dune lakes along the Gulf Coast of Florida. They are so rare that you'll only find these lakes in a handful of other places in the world - Madagascar New Zealand and Australia. What a way to wake up in the morning!

I spent several hours exploring Grayton Beach State Park - it offers something for everyone. Trails bike rentals  an incredible beach immaculate campsites and cabins make this a perfect park for a vacation of any length. Bring along your kayak and paddle Western Lake or venture out along scenic Highway 30-A and visit some of the other dune lakes in the area. At night relax by the campfire and plan out your activities for the next day. How nice is that?

Here's a video clip of Grayton Beach. I know you are sitting in front of your computer trying to swim into the screen. That won't work so tell the boss you are leaving for vacation and go visit Grayton Beach State Park! 

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