Visit with the dolphins in St. Augustine

By: Kevin Mims


Dolphins are some of the most playful, beautiful and intelligent animals that call Florida home and it's no wonder why so many visitors want to know where they can go to see dolphins and where they can swim with them. Dolphins can be found all along Florida's coastline and, of course, in famous parks like SeaWorld in Orlando.

But there's another place you can go to see these creatures up close, and that's Marineland in St. Augustine. Marineland's Dolphin Conservation Center offers visitors a variety of ways to interact with its dolphins that range from poolside encounters to deep water swimming. And here's another bonus: A visit to the park can be a rather inexpensive family outing. General admission at Marineland is $8.50 for adults and even less for children and seniors. 

For more information about the park's programs and pricing for in-water dolphin encounters, visit the park's website or call (904) 471-1111.

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