A Quick Trip to Torreya State Park


Quick trips for me usually turn into long trips. It's hard to pull myself away from the lure of rambling around the woods so you can imagine my pain during a short visit to Torreya State Park. I was passing through the area and I would have been neglecting my duties if I would have passed it by completely right?

First things first if you've never been to Torreya State Park let me tell you that's it is a great place to kind of be away from it all. There's not much nearby so if you need gas or lunch be aware that the town of Bristol is eight miles away. Keep that in mind if you are camping and need supplies. Who wants to drive an extra 16 miles when you could be hiking the trails at Torreya? Not me that's for sure.

Torreya State Park was included in my "Ten Must-Do Hikes in Florida" article here at VISITFLORIDA because it features some of the most beautiful and rugged hiking loops in the state but there are some other great draws to the park as well. The park is named after the ultra-rare Torreya tree  which you can see several of  without any difficulty in the picnic area and outside the Gregory House. Campers can choose from primitive spots along the hiking trail or the full-facility campground. There's even a really cool Yurt (it's like a soft-sided cabin) which I haven't had the pleasure of staying in. I always go by and look at it dreamily though. I think I'd like to have a house like that!

I'll be back up in North Florida in the next month or so and I've got a real trip to Torreya State Park planned. Look for some video and more pictures from that adventure in the future!

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