Go Geocaching at Bok Tower Gardens


Looking for a great spot for geocaching? 

The next time you get the urge to head out on a treasure hunt, point your GPS in the direction of Bok Tower Gardens in Polk County! Not only do you get to go geocaching, but you'll also get a chance to check out one of Florida's most impressive gardens and the Singing Tower, which was constructed in 1929. 

The geocaches at Bok Tower Gardens are part of Polk County's Trek Ten Trails program, which features geocaching at area parks and preserves. The caches at Bok Tower Gardens are bonus caches -- after locating four of the others on the Trek Ten Trails list, you can gain entrance to Bok Tower Gardens for free! Of course, you can always just pay the admission, walk the gardens and find the geocaches too.

For more information on Polk County's Trek Ten Trails program, visit www.friendsoftheparks.net/2010TrekTen.html.

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