Shopping in Tallahassee - 5 Shopping Hot Spots in Tallahassee, FL

    By Ginevra Adamoli

    If you’re in Tallahassee for a weekend and want to shop -- or even if you’ve been living in the capital city for a time -- here’s a list of must-see shopping spots. 

    Good Finds

    Antique and vintage furniture, accessories 
    3100 S, Adams St., 32301
    (850) 402-3100

    Good Finds is a two-story brick house packed with charm. Each floor is divided into unique spaces from which vendors sell their antique and vintage furniture, accessories, clothes, and kitchen glassware. It’s a great place to get lost for an hour or more, checking each single shelf or box. I decorated my entire guest room with pieces from Good Finds and I always go back to check out their new arrivals.
    Audience: Anyone who likes the mystery of used and vintage items.
    Tip: If you really like something, try to bargain down the price.


    The Outpost

    Garden center, gift shop
    777 E. Miccosukee Rd., 32308
    (850) 926-8335

    The Outpost is a hidden gem on Miccosukee. More than a garden center, the place has water fountains, seasonal plants, and home décor accessories. Inside the tiny home, it’s all sensory appeal -- from the miniature garden to the seasonal smells of special candles, blankets and vases. I particularly enjoy their selection of herbs. 
    Audience: Everyone who likes specialty home décor items for the garden
    Tip: Shop there and then head to Joe Mama’s for a delicious authentic Italian pizza and special brewery beer.

    Good Finds is a two-story brick house packed with charm.

    Good Finds is a two-story brick house packed with charm.

    - Good Finds

    Purple Martin - Outpost

    Purple Martin - Outpost

    - The Outpost


    Modern clothes and accessories
    1817 Thomasville Rd., 32303
    (850) 545-1447

    Fab’rik, in the same plaza with Whole Foods Market, is modern and hip. The clothes, trendy and fabulous, are for young college students or professional young women. All items are under $100, including accessories and shoes. Don’t expect to find the same items every week; they refresh their inventory quite often.
    Audience: Young women.
    Tip: If you see something, buy it. They keep only a few of each item in stock.

    Cole Couture

    Boutique clothes and accessories
    1240 Thomasville Rd., 32303
    (850) 553-3327

    This boutique in Midtown, right below the Wine Loft, has a reputation for quality designer clothes with a fresh look. Items range from jeans to evening dresses and from everyday sweaters to T-shirts. You definitely won’t find these clothes anywhere else; they’re custom-selected by the shop owner. If you want to be the “it girl,” dresses start at $50 depending on style and designer.

    Audience: Young and adult women, married or single.
    Tip: The jeans selection is amazing. Also check their accessories section. End up your shopping trip with a glass of wine at the Wine Loft.  

    Cole Couture, right below the Wine Loft

    Cole Couture, right below the Wine Loft

    - Cole Couture

    Trending Now, located in College Town.

    Trending Now, located in College Town.

    - Trending Now

    Trending Now

    Women’s clothing
    1005 W. Pensacola St., 32304
    (850) 765-8807

    This is the new spot for college students who want to find affordable vintage and new clothing items and accessories with an attitude. It’s located in College Town, so you can drop by Madison Social for brunch on a Saturday and then indulge in some therapy shopping. Paid parking is on the street. Also check out nearby Urban Outfitters, which serves coffee.

    Audience: College women
    Tip: Expect crowds of college students, especially during football season.