Experience Florida's Waterfall at Falling Waters State Park

    Is there a waterfall in Florida? Yes it does and it’s one of the state’s hidden treasures. The Florida waterfall's official measurement is 73 feet and you can see it at Falling Waters State Park a few miles from Chipley in Northwest Florida.
    Falling Waters State Park is gorgeous and it’s also one of the best campsites in the state, in my opinion. It’s a paradise for nature lovers and families with its lovely boardwalk and trails, towering pines, a two-acre lake with a white-sand beach, fern-covered sinkholes, playgrounds and more.


    Spend the night on one of the highest hills in Florida! There are 24 campsites (equipped with water and electric) situated in a pine forest 324 feet above sea level. There are also picnic tables and grills, and the bathrooms are clean.


    A gristmill, powered by the waterfall, once occupied this park. Corn was ground into grits and cornmeal during the Civil War days. A legal whiskey distillery even operated here in 1891.

    Falling Waters State Park has one of the first oil wells ever drilled in Florida. The year was 1919 and they drilled to a final depth of 4,912 feet but no oil of commercial quantity was ever found. They capped the well in 1921, which you can see today.

    But the star attraction at Falling Waters State Park is the Florida waterfall. Be brave and climb down the wooden stairway that leads into this 100-foot deep, 20-foot wide sink hole. Then be rewarded with one amazing view – gaze up to see the waterfall cascade down and disappear into the sinkhole. Close your eyes. Feel the mist. Then ponder where the water goes. No one knows!

    If you go:

    Falling Waters State Park
    1130 State Park Road, Chipley