Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

    Save Money and Feel Like a VIP with a Florida State Annual Park Pass

    There's hardly a week that passes by where I don't find myself in one of Florida's state parks for some reason -- sometimes it's for photos or video other times I'm there to bike or hike the trails. Heck I even wheel in to a state park for a good place to relax and eat lunch when I'm out and about! 

    I guess in the grand scheme of things being hooked on state parks isn't so bad. It can get expensive though -- unless you spring for a Florida State Parks Annual Pass. No more spending a few dollars here and there just whip out that spiffy pass and in you go! I have to admit you will sort of feel like a VIP when you pass the gate without digging around for loose dollars and change. I'm terrible at having cash on hand (paying with my debit card everywhere drives my wife bananas too) so having the Florida state park pass has really took a lot of pain out of frequent visits.

    At some of the most popular parks daily admission will set you back six or eight bucks. Visit a few times and you've paid for the pass! It's simple math folks. For more information on the Florida State Parks Annual Pass program visit

    Take that extra money that you will be saving with the annual park pass and send it to me -- I need a new bike! Seriously get the pass to feel like a VIP and support the Florida State Park system. There's good stuff out there now go play!