Get a Smooch from a Sea Lion at the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon

    How exciting would it be to meet a sea lion – eye-to-eye and hand-to-flipper?

    If you’ve ever had a yen to connect with one of these furry marine mammals, the Dolphin Research Center’s Sea Lion Splash has your name on it!

    The non-profit marine mammal research and education facility, located in Marathon (MM 59 on Grassy Key), recently premiered the new in-water program. In it, you stand on a submerged platform for an introduction to a California sea lion.

    During your nearly 25-minute session in the water with the sea lions, you’ll:

    ·    Give a sea lion a backrub
    ·    Receive a kiss from a sea lion
    ·    Experience other hands-on interactions with sea lions
    ·    Snag an educational lesson about sea lion physiology, behavior and training

    The Sea Lion Splash is offered daily on a walk-in basis for $80 per person in addition to general admission to Dolphin Research Center, and is open to people age five and older. Children under eight years old must be accompanied in the water by a participating adult.

    Smells like fun to me!

    Never been to the Dolphin Research Center? Check out this video of me enjoying a swim with the dolphins there.