Sophisticated Orlando Golf Course

    By Carling Nolan

    When I hear the name "Waldorf Astoria" the first word that comes to mind is "sophistication."

    I had high expectations before I visited this well-known course in Orlando, but the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club exceeded all my expectations in every way possible.

    Here are 10 reasons why The Waldorf Astoria Golf Club is the one of the "Classiest Courses You'll Ever Play."

    1. Valet. Once you drive up to the club house, there is complimentary valet. You are escorted inside the pro shop, and your clubs are whisked away on a cart for you.

    2. Service. Every employee greets you by calling "Mr." or "Ms." and will add in your last name if they have been introduced or checked the tee sheet. A surprising number of employees will already know you and have prepared to accommodate you for your round.

    3. Locker Rooms. The Women's locker room is fully stocked with hair and skin products, blow dryers, and anything a lady might need. The Men's Locker room is stocked with moisturizers and razors. Just in case you feel like you need a quick shave at the course. Hmm why not?

    4. Range Service. Free range balls are included in your fees. Fancy pyramid-stacked balls await you as you warm up for your round. Bonus: range attendants will clean the clubs you are finished warming up with as you continue to hit.

    5. Extras. Your cart will be loaded up with free water bottles and fresh towels before your round.

    6. Friendly Advice. Starters and attendants love to give you advice about the course. These highly knowledgeable employees really know their stuff so take advantage if you want a great round.

    7. More Freebies. After the starter has given his advice about the course, he will give you free tees and ball mark repair tools, all of which have the Waldorf Astoria logo so you can have a souvenir.

    8. GPS. Not only does the cart GPS show you distances to the flag, but also gives advice on each hole with an optional fly-over view to aid in your perfect plan of attack.

    9. The Beverage Cart is present quite often on the course and has drinks, snacks, and can even order more golf balls from the pro shop. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but good to know.

    10. An Immaculate Course. The Waldorf is a tight course with big undulating greens. You won't find an unrepaired ball mark or divot on the course. The greens are quick, the rough is high, and the nature is stunning!

    Those are my 10 reasons why Waldorf Astoria is one of the "Classiest Courses You’ll Ever Play". If you get a chance to play, make sure to send me your opinion on Twitter to @VFGolfInsider.

    If you go…

    Waldorf Astoria Golf Club
    14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Ln
    Orlando, FL 32821

    Hit 'em straight!