Lessons by Billy Ore and The Trackman

    By Carling Nolan

    When looking for a golf swing coach, people will usually ask "are they a technical or a feel teacher?"

    After taking a lesson with Billy Ore at PGA Village Golf Club, I say, "He's both!”

    Billy has the perfect combination of calculating numbers and showing you how to improve your swing with ease. Most coaches will take video of your swing to analyze, but Billy takes it one step further. He puts you on the Trackman! This launch monitor will tell you everything you will ever know about your golf swing including:

    Ball speed
    Launch angle
    Spin rate
    Carry yardage
    Total yardage
    Spin loft
    Club speed
    Club path
    Attack angle
    Swing plane
    Face to path

    This may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the numbers will start to make sense. For example, I was hitting the ball left. But why?

    There so many reasons why you can hit the ball left! But we looked over my numbers and came to these conclusions.

    My swing path is straight.
    My club speed is perfect.
    The launch angle is great.
    My club face at impact is CLOSED.
    Face to path is CLOSED.

    My guess would have been to fix my left shot by swinging more to the right down the line, but this would just make me close the club head even more and hit it MORE left! We have all been there!

    Without confusing me with too many numbers, Billy gave me some great drills to work on keeping my club face more open through impact. He wasn't too technical and helped me make the change with ease.

    PGA Village Golf Club has a world-class practice area that includes a driving range, putting greens, chipping greens, bunkers with different sands from all over the world, fitness studio, and PGA teachers like Billy Ore who will show you the ropes!

    Why keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Take a visit to PGA Golf Club and Billy Ore will fix your problems in no time flat.

    If you go...

    PGA Village Golf Club
    1916 Perfect Dr.
    Port St. Lucie, Florida

    Hit 'em straight!