Great White Course at Doral is Florida at Its Finest

    By Tim McDonald

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most golfers who visit Doral Golf Resort and Spa for a short time, say a day or two, mostly focus on the resort's marquee course, the Blue Monster.

    Nothing wrong with that. The Blue Monster is a deservedly famous course, and hosts the best players on the PGA Tour every year.

    But, there are four other courses at the resort and I'm thinking of one here in particular. I myself have visited Doral several times in the past and never played the Great White. That changed here this week.

    The Great White, designed by Greg Norman, is so beautiful that when our video crew members drove under the tunnel that takes you to the course, abruptly opening onto the ninth and 18th greens, they literally had to drive back and do it over, just to experience that first glimpse again.

    The course is so lovely, it's almost like living sculpture. It's all palm trees and sand. There are no cart paths of concrete or asphalt anywhere. You drive your cart over coquina shell. When you stand on the tee on many fairways, there's just you, the green fairways and palm trees bordering the edges of the fairways.

    It's like they boiled down Florida to its essence and made a golf course out of it.

    All this beauty has some bite, though. Norman designed demanding tee shots and water is in play on 14 of the 18 holes. Some of the greens are elevated, which makes for tricky approach shots.

    Still, even if you play lousy, you'll have a good day here, surrounded by one of the prettiest courses anywhere in the world.

    Watch for the video coming soon.