Explore the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

    Explore the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

    - Carrie McLaren

    Kennedy Space Center: Out-of-This-World Adventures

    By: Lauren Tjaden

    Not long ago, the idea of exploring space was nothing more than science fiction, a notion that was right up there with the tooth fairy. It sounded ridiculous. And it sounded impossible.

    But since then, man has walked on the moon. An International Space Station conducts research. Space tourism has even entered the celestial arena, with companies striving to sell tickets to those who would pay to tour the final frontier.

    Come celebrate the astronauts, engineers, and audacious dreamers at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, who helped it all come true.

    Here’s your guide to things to do there.

    She Sailed the Stars
    Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

    - Peter W. Cross for VISIT FLORIDA

    Kennedy Space Center

    - Carrie Mclaren for VISIT FLORIDA

    The story of NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program comes to life in the Space Shuttle Atlantis℠ Exhibit, with more than 60 interactive exhibits that chronicle one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments.  

    Countdown to incredible

    Want to know what it’s like to launch into space and orbit Earth? The Shuttle Launch Experience® is as close as it gets, complete with sights, sounds and feelings. Strap in and prepare to go vertical in this one-of-a-kind custom-designed crew cabin.

    Easy street

    Kennedy Space Center Bus Tours depart every 15 minutes from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, letting you kick back and relax while an experienced guide shows you some of NASA’s most iconic landmarks.


    The Apollo era was brimming with excitement, keeping the world on the edge of its seat as humankind pressed and broke boundaries.  The Apollo/Saturn V Center exhibit that will immerse you in the thrill of putting a man on the moon.

    Real Live Space People

    The live Astronaut Encounter show, presented multiple times each day, invites you to meet a veteran NASA astronaut.

    NASA's Kennedy Space Center

    - Carrie Mclaren for VISIT FLORIDA

    Visitor at Kennedy Space Center

    - Peter W. Cross for VISIT FLORIDA

    Better than a pansy garden

    Some attractions feature botanical gardens, which are fine and dandy, but KSC features something even better: a Rocket Garden, complete with statues of the men and women who brought them to life. It’s also home to the very first rocket to break free from gravity. 

    Get the big picture

    … the really big picture. The IMAX® Theater boasts two, five-story, 3D presentations that tell stories that promise to inspire.

    Scope it out 

    Time and space fall away as you travel past the galaxies in ‘Eyes on the Universe: NASA’S Space Telescopes,’ the newest and only 3D 4K resolution show at KSC.

    Our beautiful blue marble

    See Earth in all of its glory, from an astronaut's view, in Science on a Sphere® in IMAX® Theater.

    Looking ahead

    While the history of America’s space program is thrilling, what the future holds is even more exciting. NASA Now explores what’s coming, including NASA’s Commercial Crew program and the Journey to Mars.

    Learn how to get spaced out

    Prototypes, designs, rovers, simulators, and more: Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted will show you how the next generation will travel to Mars and beyond.

    Be a hero

    America’s earliest missions were dangerous and exhilarating. Heroes and Legends, scheduled to open in late 2016, puts you in the middle of the action with a 360-degree visual presentation, a 4-D multisensory theater experience, interactive exhibits and more.

    The real deal

    Check out the Rocket Launch Schedule for an experience that will make the ground—and your heart—tremble.

    When you go:

    Kennedy Space Center

    Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center, SR 405, Titusville, FL 32899

    Phone: (866)737-5235