Top 5 Ways to Use Disney's MagicBands

    If you’ve visited Walt Disney World in the past year, you’ve probably either seen or received your own Disney MagicBand. They may look like ordinary bracelets, but to park-goers they open up a magical world – one of convenience and ease.

    Here’s a look at what you can do with a MagicBand:

    1. Unlock your on-site resort room

    If you’re staying on Disney property, just tap your MagicBand to the sensor on the door and instantly your room is unlocked. There’s no need to worry about a room key.

    Disney MagicBand

    Use your MagicBand to unlock your resort room door

    - Walt Disney World Resort/ Matt Stroshane

    2. Reserve times for rides

    With FastPass+, you can reserve rides and meet/greet times for three experiences each day during your stay – one park per day. Log into the the My Disney Experience site, use your smartphone or stop by one of the many kiosks in the park to access your options.

    3. Enter the parks

    Just tap your Disney MagicBand to the access point, place your finger on the scanner and you’re in! It’s such an easy process. Before you know it, you’ll be greeting Mickey and riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

    4. Use as a method of payment

    I loved having the freedom to enter a PIN number and purchase snacks at Disney just by touching my MagicBand at the register. (You can restrict access for children making purchases with their bands, if needed.)

    5. Accessorize it

    To decorate and personalize your MagicBand, check out many of the shops throughout the parks and resorts. From limited-edition bands to charms and colorful band sleeves, show off your personality with a decorated MagicBand.

    Here’s a fun video to show you just how addicting it can be to wear your own: