Frequently Asked Questions for Prize Winners

    Have a question about your trip to Florida? Before you go, check the answers to this list of frequently asked questions:

    Why do I have to have my hotel booked before I can make my airline arrangements?
    Since your hotel stay is based on availability and applicable blackout dates, you must confirm your hotel accommodations first to make sure the hotel is available before we book your airline tickets. Once airline tickets are issued, any changes to the itinerary are your responsibility, must be made directly with the airline, and are subject to change fees, which start at $250 per ticket. This is why we double-check to make sure the hotel reservation is confirmed before we book your airline tickets.

    How do I make my hotel reservations?
    Booking instructions are on the hotel certificate that was included in your prize package. If you have any questions regarding the hotel availability or blackout dates, please contact the hotel directly for clarification.

    My name is spelled incorrectly on my prize voucher. Is this a problem?
    Our apologies! Please give your correct spelling when you book and we’ll handle it from there.

    Can I stay in Florida longer than the number of days/nights I won in this prize package?
    Yes. If you are planning to extend your stay in Florida by booking additional nights at your own expense or staying with a friend or relative, we will book your flights around your entire stay, as long as flights are available.

    Can we fly into one Florida city and return home from another?
    Yes, as long as the flights are available.

    My guest lives in a different city than I do. Can my guest and I fly to Florida from different airports?
    Yes, within in the Continental United States, and as long as flights are available, it is possible for you and your guest to fly to Florida on different itineraries. Our travel planner will go over the options with you.

    Can I bring more people with me?
    Absolutely! The best way to do this is to book the additional tickets for your guests directly with the airline or an online travel agent such as Expedia, Orbitz, or Travelocity, while our travel planner books the tickets associated with the prize package.

    If you are traveling with children under the age of 18, please note that you cannot book their tickets online without also booking an adult ticket. So, if you have won a trip for two but want to bring two adults and two children to Florida, the best thing to do is have our travel planner book one adult (the prize winner) with one child and then to book one adult and one child yourself.

    I’ve lost my hotel certificate but I still have my airline voucher. Can I still use the air transportation?
    Yes. We are happy to honor the air transportation certificate.

    My prize package has expired. Can it be extended?
    Expiration dates cannot be extended for any reason.

    Can I give this prize package to someone as a gift?
    Prize packages cannot be transferred to another person for any reason.