8 Photos That Will Make Any Foodie Want to Stay at the Epicurean

    By Rachelle Lucas

    Want to see what it's like in-real-life at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa? Take a peek through my iPhone lens at these eight moments on Instagram.

    A foodie's dream. You gotta love a hotel that welcomes you with so much fine wine. And look at the attention to detail ... the back panel of the wall is made of wood wine crates. I'm picking up some home decorating tips here. ;)

    This isn't a themed hotel, it's a place for connoisseurs of life. Colorful spices, the selection of in-room wines, the little orange pencil with the definition of crème fraîche, the hand-crafted local beer and quality prosciutto in the fridge, a divine afternoon at the spa using farm fresh ingredients -- everything about this place lets you know that the people here are not just passionate about food, they live and breathe it. It's so refreshing.

    At @spaevangalize with @karafranker ... sipping a big red wine and getting a recipe for relaxation.

    Y'all, there's a garden ... on the wall!

    Taste the rainbow. On the rooftop @EdgeTampa in @EpicureanHotel.

    So, this is "fish & chips" @ElevageTampa ... Seared tuna, fried pickle chips, malt, and ranch tarter sauce. Oh. Em. Gee.

    Good morning! Sunrise view from my room.

    I spy some fun vintage cookbooks. They're all over the lobby here and I'm tempted to purchase one as a souvenir from my stay here at the @EpicureanHotel. All proceeds go to the Been Laxer Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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