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These days, it's hard to find a place where you can truly get away from it all. Well, there is a place where things move at a slower pace, where there are no traffic lights, the sand on the beach is white as snow, and the gulf waters are warm and clean. That place is Mexico Beach on Northwest Florida's Gulf coast. Come visit!

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  • Gift Shop, Parking, Restrooms
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  • Full day,
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  • Chambers & Visitors Bureaus, Welcome Centers,

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We have visited this beautiful area several times and have recommended Mexico Beach to many friends. However, our trip in April was most unpleasant due to very poor accommodations. It might be of value for a small town, which utilizes tourism to boost its economy, to have the city government place higher expectations on private businesses before issuing or renewing business licenses. Unannounced, periodic inspections might also prove beneficial. Below is our review of the Buena Vista Motel.

REVIEW: NOT recommended (Buena Vista Motel). When one needs rest and recuperation due to health issues, a beach trip can aid the healing process. Therefore, accommodations become a very important asset for such a trip. This place was filthy, run down, ill-kept. After driving hours, arriving late and after office hours, the room key was not in the room as owner said it would be. Upon entering the room, it reeked a musty, stale, moldy smell (airing room out each day did not help). Tired as we were, we had to clean/disinfect: bathroom was nasty, toilet & shower dirty, shower curtain slimy, towels dingy & smelled stale. Bath light & exhaust vent were wired together, and vent was so caked with dirt/dust we had to take vent cover off to clean the fan interior to help cut down on the excruciating noise so we could use the light; the bathroom door would not close. The very small kitchenette sink was filthy, had clogged drain, and was certainly too small for shampooing hair when the shower’s hot water ran out; coffee pot was worse than nasty & required several scrubbing of hot soapy water & disinfectant. Blinds were missing slats so curtains had to be manually pulled for privacy. Curtains, as well as chair cushions were grimy and heavily soiled (all were removable but apparently hadn't been cleaned in years). Deck chairs were old, worn, ripped (glad we brought our own); no exterior lighting for safely walking deck or stairs at night. No covered deck area for sitting outside while it rained (second floor). Sliding glass door was insecure (finally found a stick to bar the door while we slept). Buena Vista Motel is a disgrace to Mexico Beach tourism and the website is terribly misleading. The only positive aspect of our trip was the beautiful beach--compliments of Mother Nature (certainly NOT the motel owner).

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