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We Loved Renting From ABC Baby Rental
Traveling with our toddler was something that we dreaded because we did not want to worry about trying to fit all of the baby equipment into our van, but knew that we could not travel without a place for the baby to sleep and toys for her to play with on the beach. We were so thankful that we found Lynn at ABC Baby Rental. She provided everything we needed to enjoy our vacation without having to worry about packing everything into our van!
ABC Baby Rental had a beach toy bundle for only $10 that our daughter used to create adorable sand castles at the beach. We also rented a large adult cabana, that had sun protection built in that allowed her and her brother to get out of the sun when they needed a nap or wanted to eat lunch. I loved the fact that we were able to rent the items for a solid week and that they arrived completely clean and in perfect condition. It was a great service that I am excited to say we plan to use again this year.
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