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Offering over 650 vacation rental properties across the Northeast Florida coastline. Palm Coast Florida This is a unique beach, heavily populated with natural vegetation and greenery. The hardwood hammock forests provide a beautiful backdrop to the white sandy beaches and calm crystal blue waters. Ponte Vedra Florida This is the destination for the elite. Known for posh resorts, gourmet restaurants and golf-course lifestyles comes at a bit of a cost but... you only live once. A beautiful area. St Augustine Florida Historically significant as the oldest permanent settlement in the United States. Continuously occupied since 1565. Many remnants of a past time in history. Vilano Beach Florida A huge nesting area for turtles. These ancient creatures lumber back and forth from sea to nest. They have picked a beach with some of the softest sand you will ever see or touch.

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  • Vacation Rental Condo, Vacation Rental Home,
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  • Free Local Calls, Non-smoking Rooms, Parking
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