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Ortona Site, Indian Mound Park


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First documented during a survey in 1839, unusual earthworks near the Caloosahatchee River were first believed to be fortifications built by Europeans. Archaeological investigations determined that the earthworks are in fact the remains of a canal system dating to about 1,700 years ago, demonstrating that the Indians engineered large irrigation projects. An exhibit and trail interpret the site.

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  • Native American Heritage Trail,
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  • Historic Sites & Monuments,

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There is a fun event each year as well.
"Ortona hosts the annual Ortona Cane Grinding Festival at the Ortona Indian Mound Park on the first Saturday of February each year, benefiting the local fire department, and commemorating the early settlersâ cultivation and processing of the delectable sugar cane syrup. The festival features bluegrass music, clogging, arts and crafts booths and barbecue chicken and rib dinners."
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