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Florida State Parks


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Florida’s 174 state parks, trails and historic sites inspire residents and visitors with recreation opportunities and scenic beauty that help strengthen families, educate children, expand local economies and foster community pride. With nearly 800,000 acres, 100 miles of beaches and more than 1,500 miles of multi-use trails, residents and visitors should plan to visit soon and often to enjoy Florida’s natural treasures.

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Reconstruction Era

February 24, 2017 - February 25, 2017
This is an immersion event during which visitors encounter living historians from the year 1868. Everything these folks will know or talk about is from one of the hardest periods in American and especially southern history. Folks had no money, as many had invested all of their money in the Confederate cause. Former slaves, recently being freed, now faced a future without a job as they were competing against foreign immigrants from countries where many were escaping tyranny and hunger. Many cattlemen were trying to rebuild herds, and farmers were trying to scratch out a subsistence living. Temperance marchers tried to reduce the consumption of ...Read More>> alcohol. Come see, hear and feel what life was like during a hard period when this farm first came into existence. Read Less

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