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Westview Cemetery


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This cemetery contains the remains of at least 49 Confederate veterans, including Captain Winston J.T. Stephens of the 2nd Florida Cavalry who was killed during a skirmish at Cedar Creek west of Jacksonville in 1864, and Colonel Hubbard L. Hart, an assistant quartermaster and the owner of two steamboats which were used by the Confederacy to transport supplies. Also buried here is James O. Devall, a delegate to the Florida Secession Convention and the owner of the General Sumpter, the first steamboat built in Palatka. In March 1864, the General Sumpter was captured by the Union gunboat USS Columbine in Lake George south of Palatka with all its officers and crew. The cemetery also contains the remains of at least 20 Union veterans including at least 11 soldiers of the U.S. Colored Troops.

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  • Civil War Heritage Trail,
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