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SeaWorld® Orlando immerses guests in the sea’s mysteries with animal discoveries, amazing attractions, thrilling rides and unforgettable performances. Whether riding Manta®, getting drenched by Shamu®, feeding seals and sea lions, or experiencing TurtleTrek®, a unique blend of animal encounters with manatees and turtles and state-of-the art entertainment with a 3-D 360 degree dome theater experience, vacation adventures become lifelong memories at SeaWorld. Experience Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin™, a mega-attraction that combines closer-than-ever animal connections with a family adventure ride featuring interactive ride technologies that provide a different experience each time. Coming in 2016, Mako - the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in Orlando.

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After seeing the movie Blackfish I have been very upset. Please do not forceably breed Tilikum the oldest whale in captivity. To the corporation please be a good corporate citizens and retire and free Tilicum , Let his dorsal fine lift again , he is not a puppet he is meant to be FREE and have DIGNITY. Thank you
Please watch BLACKFISH before considering going to Seaworld! It is a cruel park and MUST be shut down. Once you see how these animals really live and the terrible things that have been done to them you won't want to visit anyway. Do not support Seaworld by paying to visit their attractions. This includes Busch Gardens and Aquatica.
Watch Blackfish before you even purchase tickets. Places like these need to be shut down. It is the equivalent of buying a ticket to go see all the sad dogs stuck in cages at the pound, and enjoying it. I don't think you would enjoy it knowing how sad and sick these animals truly are. By supporting animal captivity, you are supporting animal neglect and animal abuse.