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Join us on an adventure of a lifetime. Choose from world class fishing, scuba diving, take a relaxing cruise on one of our sightseeing boats, or paddle down the Cocohatchee River.   You'll find that Naples Marina and Excursions is“Everything on the Water."

Join us for an exciting day, providing your friends and family with a multitude of options on the water sure to leave everyone with wonderful memories. If fishing is your preference, we offer World Class Fishing Charters provided by Reel 1 Up Fish & Dive. Trips range from backwater to deep sea fishing from on one of our three 6 passenger vessels. We also offer party boat style fishing trips from our 20 passenger vessel both day and night.

While visiting the beautiful Gulf waters, take advantage of our complete dive services. We offer daily dives including wrecks, reefs, springs, coral live bottom, ledges and towers. If you are not a certified diver but always dreamed of exploring under the sea, our experienced Dive Instructors will be there to help you through the entire certification process. We make the process easy with equipment rentals for all your needs.

  • Activities:
  • Birding, Boating, Canoeing
  • Amenities:
  • Bait, Bus Parking, Covered Pavilion
  • Average Visit Time:
  • 1 - 2 hours, Full day, Half day

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We called for paddleboard reservations a couple days beforehand, they said they don't take reservations and it wouldn't be a problem for 3 of us. When we got there, they said they had set aside 3 boards for us and all the other boards were out on a paddling camp, well 4 of us (and myself, but I had my own board/gear) showed up and we didn't bother calling the day before because they don't take reservations and it wouldn't be a problem, turned out to be a huge problem because the paddling camp took an extra board so they only had 2 for us and the solution for my friend who had never tried before, was for him to take a fishing kayak to be able to stand up on. The helper told us if we saw the paddling camp we could swap out... like that was going to happen in our 4 hour trip.... whatever. To make up for this situation, they agreed to give everyone life jackets for free, they are usually $5 the helper said. They force you to have a float plan and take a phone so you can call if you will be over 4 hours, if you don't have your own dry bag, you'll have to rent one there, which we did. Then they charged me $5 and tax for launching, even though I just brought them 4 rentals, ok fine, that's the rule and they stick to it. Funny how if you click on paddle board rentals on their website, there's no mention of it. You have to click on the Kayak rentals to see all the rates for everything, that's shady. Then you sign a waiver that includes not going to the ocean, which in my opinion is dumb since we're pretty much right there!
So we started paddling, over an hour into our trip, my buddy's kayak paddle snapped in half, so he just paddled like a canoe.
On our way back to the marina, we saw two dogs stuck in the mangroves like they fell out of a boat. We called the marina and told them about the situation, they said they would call FWC but with our previous dealings, we didn't trust them so we called the sheriff's office, we arranged for a rescue but the only marine unit available was in Marco Island, we ended up putting them on one of the kayaks and bringing them to the marina, one dog had a tag with phone numbers and we contacted the owner (all is well with the dogs, they were returned to the owner). We were an hour late returning because of the dog situation, and not to mention a broken paddle! They charged us a full day's rental at $60 each and dry bag/map fee of $8 and my launch fee of $5 and tax, EVEN THOUGH THE DOG'S OWNER WAS FRIENDS WITH THE MANAGER/OWNER OF THE MARINA. I guess no good deed goes unpunished. Thankfully they didn't try to charge us for the paddle, even though it was faulty equipment.
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