Florida's Aquatic Preserves

Come visit one of our 41 Aquatic Preserves to experience unique aquatic ecosystems up close and personal. Aquatic Preserves cover 40% of the state's coastal waters- and three special freshwater sites. Which Aquatic Preserve is in your backyard? Our aquatic preserves offer something for everyone, including fishing, snorkeling, paddling, boating and paddling, bird watching and much more! Ecotourism involves uniting conservation, community and sustainable travel. Contributing to the conservation of the natural areas and natural resources of the region means minimizing impacts from ecotour activities. Ecotourism operators and users should adhere to “Leave Your Footprints, Take Your Trash” and “Pack In, Pack Out” policies to keep Florida’s Aquatic Preserves pristine. Marine debris is one of the most widespread problems facing the world’s oceans today. In striving to reduce the amount of debris entering our waterways, we ask for your help! As you visit our exquisite aquatic preserves, please remember to do your part by properly disposing of waste items. Immerse yourself and learn about the wide-ranging natural communities and wildlife of Florida’s Aquatic Preserves today.



Bicycling, Birding, Canoeing, Equestrian Riding, Hiking, Paddleboarding, Sailing, Scuba/Diving, Snorkeling, Tubing, Water Recreation