Torreya State Park

With panoramic views atop the bluffs of Florida’s largest river, the Apalachicola, Torreya offers visitors an experience that is rarely found in the Sunshine State. This lush park is home to varied natural communities from river swamps to high pinelands. Bluffs and extensive ravines provide an opportunity to experience challenging topography – at least on Florida standards. Plant life along the river is similar to that of natural communities in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia, and the area is said to provide Florida’s finest display of fall color. The park is named for a species of rare Torreya tree that occurs only on the bluffs and in ravines along the Apalachicola River. Currently, the Florida Trail Association manages two loop trails for hikers in the park--the 7.2 mile Rock Creek Trail and the 7.3-mile River Bluff Trail. Also, the short Weeping Ridge Trail (less than a mile) leads to an intermittent waterfall.

Trail Map

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Trail Information

Length of Trail (in miles): 15.5, Unpaved