Miracle Swimming: Conquer Your Fear of Water for Adults

Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc.

Miracle Swimming:New Lessons for Adults Afraid in Water

Lessons where you can overcome your fear of deep water.


Right now, you may depend on the bottom and the side for your safety. You want to be able to rely on yourself for your safety instead. This class teaches you how to be reliable for your own safety. Safety is not related to swimming mechanics. In the Beginning class most people master their safety in shallow water (no longer depending on the bottom) and begin to master it in the deep. Some people master their safety in the deep in this class.

Ultra Beginning
If your fear of water is "off the Richter Scale", this class may be for you. Locations have a 1-2 foot depths as well as regular depths.

Next Step Swimming Class
Attain the rest of your freedom in deep water in a pool; be able to move anywhere in the pool to get exercise or just have fun. Each of these classes, Beginning, Ultra-Beginning, and Next Step, is chock full of as much confidence as you can possibly develop.

Freestyle Class or 2 Strokes Class
Now that survival is no longer an issue, you can learn a stroke. Swim laps for exercise using an efficient freestyle. Learn the backstroke and breaststroke in our 2 Strokes class.

Ocean 101 and 202
Become comfortable getting into the ocean and playing in it. Feel safe. To enjoy “water sports,” follow Ocean 101 with Ocean 202. “202” is lessons in some combination of SUP (Stand up paddling), snorkeling, sea kayaking, and body surfing/boogie boarding.

Snorkeling (Beginning and Next Step)
To be able to snorkel confidently on vacations, take Snorkeling (Beginning or Beginning and Next Step Snorkeling).

SCUBA Diving
Get the basic open water certification so you can dive on vacations. Classes have been in the Florida Keys, Bali, Hawaii and the Maldives. Triathlete if you wish to become an open water swimmer, then take classes up through Freestyle and Ocean 202.

The order of classes is:

Beginning Next Step OR Beginning Snorkeling, OR Ocean 101 OR

Freestyle if you're comfortable in deep water or if the class is in shallow water

SCUBA OR Ocean 202 OR Strokes

Check out our complete class schedule on our website which is miracleswimming.com



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