Harbor Point Vacation Rentals

Harbor Point Vacation Rentals specializes in vacation rentals (weekend, weekly and short-term winter rentals) in the Alligator Point/Bald Pointand St. Teresa areas. Accommodations vary from a 1-bedroom bayfront cottage to a 7-bedroom gulf-to-bay beachfront home with dual kitchens --with many options between the two. Harbor Point's close proximity to its managed properties and the staff's intimate local knowledgecombinefor asuperior personalized service experience.

Alligator Point is a rural, coastal community consisting mainly of residential single-family homes. Located just south of Tallahassee, much of thisnarrow peninsula is surrounded by State Park and has been preserved in a very natural state (planted pine forests in the woods and oak trees on the beaches of Bald Point). Alligator Point's typical visitor comes for the inspiring solitude, the natural beauty and the opportunity to explore. Fishing, kayaking, birdwatching and hiking top the list of favorite activities.



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Back Bay Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Fly Fishing

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