The Ridge Scenic Highway

The Corridor The Ridge Scenic Highway, located in Polk County, extends 38.7-miles along the Lake Wales Ridge, from its intersection with US 27 south of Frostproof to its intersection with US 17/92 in Haines City. The scenic highway corridor travels through the historic communities of Frostproof, Hillcrest Heights, Babson Park, the Village of Highland Park, Lake Wales, Lake of the Hills, Dundee, Lake Hamilton and Haines City. This scenic corridor introduces travelers to historic communities and rural agricultural Central Florida. SR 17, or Scenic Highway as it is locally known, serves the historic centers of these communities and provides access to cultural facilities and historic sites that help promote and preserve the local culture. Winding along the Lake Wales Ridge, SR 17 provides scenic vistas and access to lakes, natural areas, citrus agricultural fields and unique Florida attractions. Corridor Vision The Ridge Scenic Highway contains a wide variety of natural, scenic, historical, cultural, and recreational resources of regional and national significance along the Lake Wales Ridge. The corridor is rich in archaeological sites, cultural enclaves, tourist destinations, historic commercial and residential districts (some listed on the National Register), farming communities, national landmarks, conservation lands, migratory bird preserves, and green spaces. Its rolling hills and valleys, pristine waters, and high sandy ridge have promoted healthy living and scenic vistas for past generations. The Ridge Scenic Highway Corridor Management Entity has worked with local, state, and federal governments, citizen groups, and non-profit organizations. These continuing efforts are intended to protect and maintain the unique geology, environmental lands, and habitats and ensure viable citrus and agricultural industries, therefore preserving a natural, scenic, historic, and recreational way of life. Through preservation of resources, interpretive signage, and sufficient advertising, the Ridge Scenic Highway continues to educate residents and visitors about the unique Florida Story and promote preservation for future generations.


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