Suwannee River Wilderness State Trail (Lower)

The Suwannee Wilderness Trail, a state-designated Florida paddling trail, provides a managed wilderness experience while educating visitors about protecting the natural, cultural and heritage resources in the Suwannee River Basin. Visitor opportunities extend outwards from the river to include recreational hubs, recreational trails, parks, museums, cultural sites and other nature and heritage attractions in adjacent cities, towns and rural landscapes throughout the area. South of Branford, the Lower Suwannee runs deep and wide through pine flatwoods and wetlands as it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Sandy banks become lower and slope gently toward the river. Most of the lower Suwannee River is wide, tranquil and gentle, and the scenery is spectacular. This section has more motorboats than the upper section, but wildlife is still more common than people. Many public and private entities offer camping and other services on the Lower Suwannee. Visit the webpage for more information.

Trail Map

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Trail Information

Difficulty: Easy, Length of Trail (in miles): 72, Water Trail