May Is Golf Month: So What? How About Free Lessons!

By: Tim McDonald


Every so often, the golf powers come out with some kind of promotion to encourage people to either start the game, get back into it or get somebody else interested.

I'm talking mainly about Play Golf America, a group formed a few years back to encourage growth in the game.
The latest project is designating the month of May as Welcome to Golf Month. It evolved from Free Lesson Month, which was a very successful program as more than 1.1 million people got free lessons since 1998. You have to give them credit, they try hard, and a lot of people respond.
So, this month is a good time to get a free 10-minute lesson from a participating PGA or LPGA pro. Too short? No, all of the best golf tips I've ever received were short and sweet.
The latest promo has the backing of the PGA of America, Golf Digest and Nike Golf.
Where do I find a participating pro? 
Click here and type in your zip code; they'll show you somebody close to give you a lesson. If you're reading this blog, you're probably already interested in golf, but maybe you know someone you want to get into the game. It's a good time to do it.

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