Top 5 Reasons for a Florida Winter Golf Trip

By: Tim McDonald


The top five reasons for a Florida winter golf trip:

1 - The obvious: You're freezing! It can get chilly here in the winter occasionally, but it's rare that the sun doesn't come out and warm up the air enough to play golf. I love seeing Canadians and Northerners playing here in the winter; they look thunderstruck, as if they awoke in the middle of a blizzard in sunny Shangri La.
This falls under the "duh!" category, but Florida has the sunniest winter climate in the eastern U.S., and the highest average January temperatures in the country.
2 - More of Florida's great private golf courses are now open to you. Some of the most exclusive private clubs in the country, where they used to throw the likes of you and me out on the street if we had the audacity to cross the line, are now actively wooing us. Just don't wear a tank top.
3 - Superb conditioning. Since this is the peak season for most of the state's golf courses, they are almost always in pristine shape. Course superintendents gear up for the winter months here, and they want their courses to shine.
4 - Winter discounts. Yes, the summer months have cheaper green fees, but there are so many courses competing for your winter dollar these days, you can always find great deals if you look.
5 - Replays! Cool winter golf is invigorating, and you're more apt to take advantage of those replay specials in the afternoon. Just remember to start early since the days here are shorter, just like in the great, frozen north.

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