Golf Tip: Playing the Long Shot from a Waste Area

By: John Schwarb


This weekend at Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, some of the biggest names on the PGA TOUR are playing a two-man team game at the Franklin Templeton Shootout.

Tiburon’s courses are masterpieces by Greg Norman with wall-to-wall grass notable for a lack of rough. You won’t have to hack it out of the hay if you miss a fairway, but you may face a long approach shot from some of the sandy waste areas that border the holes.

Such areas can be found elsewhere in Florida, too, so I asked Cory Schaub of the Tiburon golf staff for his best advice on tackling the long shot from there.

In the picture above, he was some 230 yards out on the par-5 sixth hole of the Black Course. From the firm lie (as is often the case in waste bunkers) he was able to pull a hybrid and swing freely, heeding a few swing keys.

“I play it a hair back of normal (in the stance) and let my hands lead,” Schaub said. “Too many players try to dig through, to scoop it.”

He caught it pure and nearly chased it onto the green.

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