Are You One of THOSE Golfers? Well, Jack Nicklaus Says Knock It Off and Tee it Forward!

By: Tim McDonald


You've seen him often on the course, no doubt: the guy who hits his driver maybe 200 yards, playing from the back tees at 7,000 yards like he's Bubba Watson at The Masters.

It can be maddening if you're in the group behind or, worse, in the same group. The guy is hitting ridiculous fairway woods and long irons into the greens on par-4s, and he's cussing and stewing while his score heads north of 100 while he's holding everyone up.
But, now comes Jack Nicklaus, PGA Tour pro Dustin Johnson and LPGA star Paula Creamer to the rescue. The three will return as spokespersons for "Tee It Forward," a joint initiative by the PGA of America and the USGA. 
The point is to make the game faster and more fun for everyone by encouraging golfers to play from the tees appropriate to their ability, rather than copying what the pros do.
"If golfers who often play too far back would move to a more forward tee, they are going to be left with shorter irons into the greens, which enhances their ability to score better and in the end makes the game more fun," Nicklaus explained in a press release.
They did it last year with some success – more than 1,900 facilities across the country registered in the program, including many here in Florida – and so they decided to implement it full-time this year. You'll be seeing a lot of these messages at your local golf club.
Nicklaus has been a proponent for years of making golf easier and more accessible, with ideas such as making the hole bigger and shortening a round of golf to 12 holes.
I'm all for it. Let's see, if I play from the ladies tees, they make the hole bigger and I only play 12 holes, maybe I'll finally break 80.

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