Orlando Golf: Have It Your Way at Orange County National, Spartan or Fancy

By: Tim McDonald


The noble and perceptive readers of this blog are no doubt aware of my love for Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge, one of Central Florida's best golf resorts.

The Orlando area has some of the best golf resorts in the world, and I do not mean this as a slight to any of them, but if someone told me I had to go to a golf resort, it would probably be OCN.
Having said that, I understand some people have different views of what they want from the resort golf experience. I love the spartan feel of OCN. It's all about golf. The best thing about the lodge there, to me, is the fact it's steps away from the two on-site golf courses and one of the best practice facilities in the world.
The lodge is clean, comfortable and convenient, but it would not meet a lot of people's idea of a "resort" type lodging facility. To those people, I say, yo, check this out.
Many people don't know this, but OCN has a sister property right down the road, where you can stay in fully furnished two- or three-bedroom condos, with a pool, hot tubs, workout area and all those other amenities many people look for in a resort experience.
The people at OCN will also get you connected with other area courses if you want a longer stay and feel the need to play a variety of courses.
Of course, I could play Crooked Cat and Panther Lake over and over and never get the least bit bored.
Anyway, it's a great, golf-centered place I highly recommend to anyone considering a golf trip to Orlando, and they work hard at tailoring your stay to your needs and wants.
Call 888-727-3672 for more specifics on their packages.

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