Sarasota Private Country Clubs Opening to Public

By: Tim McDonald


For golfers, one of the good things about the bad economy is that many previously private clubs are opening to the public.

Sarasota has always been sort of a bastion of private golf, but scores of formerly private country clubs in the area are letting in the Great Unwashed, according to a story earlier this month in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.
"It's great for people to have the chance to play courses, even for people who've lived here 10 or 15 years, that they've never gotten to play," Misty Creek Country Club pro Chris Bentrovato told the paper. "And it opens their eyes to possibly joining."
Yes, it's a little ironic that courses which used to exclude outsiders are now counting on them for financial support, to keep their course in good shape and prevent members fees from rising.
I wonder if they'll start allowing coolers, cut-offs and tank tops.

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