Houston Texans Game a Great Time for the Golf-Playing Football Fan to Visit Jacksonville

By: Tim McDonald


I was born and raised in Jacksonville, one of a few natives left, and I can't remember a time the city wasn't nuts about football.

Golf came a little late, it seems to me, but when it did come, it came with a vengeance.
The city has grown into one of the best golf/football towns anywhere. You combine a great stadium, an NFL franchise and two of the country's most rabid college football programs nearby, with the quality and quantity of golf courses in the area and you have heaven for the golf-playing football fan.
The Houston Texans visit the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field Sunday, Nov. 27, which is perfect weather in this part of the world for both tailgating and golf. Make it a long weekend, and get in a couple of rounds Friday and Saturday, then hit the tailgating scene Sunday morning.
You have a ton of courses to choose from, starting with the world-famous TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, to the great courses down the road a bit in St. Augustine at World Golf Village, to some of the best municipal courses in the state, like Bent Creek.
For a real treat, head to Amelia Island which has some of the most scenic courses anywhere, or ditto for Palm Coast to the south. Whichever direction you face, you can throw a high, tight spiral and hit a good golf course. 
Come to think of it, forget what I said about a long weekend. Stay a week, a long Thanksgiving week, with the Houston game the apex.
You're also probably looking for nightlife. Well, you're real close to it if you're staying in the downtown area. If you're a veteran visitor, you know all about the Jacksonville Landing on the St. Johns River and the wild times to be had there.
Check out Visit Jacksonville's website here for more information, where you can book tee times and packages.

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