Are You 'Golf Ready?' This Summer is a Perfect Time to Learn Golf in Florida

By: Tim McDonald


This summer is turning out to be a good time to either learn the game of golf or get back into it if you've been away from it for a while.

The main purpose of Play Golf America, part of the PGA of America, is to find ways to get people out on the golf course, both newcomers and current players. What that means is that it is now cheaper to learn the game, and there are more opportunities.

They're offering a program called "Get Golf Ready," which consists of five lessons for $99. That's really cheap, especially when you consider these lessons are given by PGA and LPGA pros.

The program is designed to teach you in five short lessons "everything you'll need to know to step onto a golf course and get out to play with confidence," according to Play Golf America.

You'll learn the fundamentals, etiquette and the purpose of each club on the first day, as well as hitting a few putts. Day two is spent on chipping, pitching and hitting out of bunkers, day three is devoted to playing out of the fairway and learning how to hit irons, day four is teeing off and day five is spent actually playing.

Also, don't forget we're only halfway through May, which is PGA Free lesson Month. June is Women's Golf Month and July is Family Golf Month, with family golf clinics and free tee times for kids.

All of these programs are available throughout Florida. Go to for more information and to find a participating club.


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