Older Golfers: Still Looking for a Fight? Here's How to Get Some Competition

By: Tim McDonald


So maybe you're getting a little older and that golf swing is slowing down just a bit. But, what people don't know when they look at you, because they can't see inside you, is that the competitive fire in your belly burns as white-hot as ever.

What do you do if you like to compete and your golf buddies don't? Or maybe you're just looking for some stiffer competition, or you want to feel what it's like playing in a tournament atmosphere, like the pros. The Senior Amateur Golf Tour might be your answer. It's a way to play on some of Florida's best golf courses while seeing how you stack up to the competition.

The SAGT has two divisions in Florida, North Central and Orlando, and they play on some of the best courses in each region. In the Orlando region, the tour goes to Victoria Hills, Southern Dunes and Falcon's Fire, among others. In the North Central area, the tour plays on courses like World Woods, El Diablo and Juliette Falls.

You don't have to worry about being overmatched and embarrassed; the field is divided into different flights, according to your handicap. If you don't have a handicap, it's easy to get one. The top 15 players in each of the five flights advance to the tour championships. These guys take it seriously; last year's tour tournament was the largest senior amateur golf event ever held in Hilton Head.

The tour awards prizes, like gift certificates and trophies to the top three or four players in each flight. You can play in as many or as few tournaments as you like, and you can join any time.

What surprised me is the price. The tour card is between $75 to $80 per year, and tournament fees range from $65 to $90. What's not to like? I'm seriously considering joining and if I see you out there, excuse me if I don't smile and act all buddy-buddy; I'm out here to whip you.
Contact the tour at 704-844-8264 or click here.

Also, see a slide show of some of the tour's venues below:

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