How to Save Money Even During Peak Florida Golf Season: Part II

By: Tim McDonald


Earlier this week, we pointed out some ways to save money off peak season golf rates in Florida. Here are some more:

- Walk! Look around you, it's gorgeous outside. Perfect day for a stroll. Cart fees can add a bunch to your green fees, so hoof it and get some exercise.

- This seems obvious in this day and age, but make sure to check the Internet for coupons and specials. Set up e-mail alerts, especially for those courses you particularly like to play. Also be sure to sign up for their e-newsletters. Golf clubs generally stay loyal to their members and those who play there frequently.

- This is much more low-tech, but check the local newspapers, almost always in the sports sections, for coupons.

- This is even MORE low-tech, but one of the most effective ways to save is to simply ask the guys at the pro shop, either before you play or afterward. Sometimes, you can get really cheap replays.

- Don't be snooty, check the muni. Municipal courses often offer excellent playing conditions, and Florida has some of the best munis in the country. Rates here are almost always cheaper.

- Some courses in competitive areas offer cards with savings throughout the year, including peak season. Hunters Creek in Orlando, to give one example, claims it can save you hundreds off green fees in the peak season.

- If you can't save on golf, save on lodging. Many golf resorts offer free-night specials. These are usually tacked on to the end of two, three or four-night stays or longer. Take advantage of those offers and tee it up cheaper.

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