Women-Only Golf Schools Abound in Florida

By: Tim McDonald


Are you a female who wants to learn to play golf, but feel a little intimidated by all the big, male galoots hanging around the clubhouse?

Or are you a female golfer who simply wants to take some lessons to get better, but would rather do it without all that testosterone fouling the air and making it difficult to breathe?

You're in luck, unlike your mothers and grandmothers. Women-only golf schools are big these days. Women can learn the game and improve among their own kind, and in many cases, be taught by their own kind. Women instructors are proliferating, since women are among the fastest growing segment of beginning golfers.

Florida has more women-only golf schools than any other state. Here are just a few to get you pointed in the right direction:

- LPGA International has clinics for women only with female instructors. Exceptional practice facilities. Call 386-274-5742 for more information.

- Anne Cain Golf Academy, Amelia Island. Tiger Woods allegedly gave this school his seal of approval, though that might not count for much these days, especially among a group of women. Call 904-321-5464 for more info.

- IMG Leadbetter Golf Academy, Beginner Program for Women, Bradenton. Leadbetter is one of the better known instructors. Call 800-872-6425.

- Ben Sutton Golf School in Sun City offers ladies-only schools from time to time. Call 800-225-6923.

- America's Favorite Golf Schools offers women-only schools when two or more women register for the same school on the same date. AFGS has several locations in Florida. Call 800-365-6640.

- Fairway Golf Schools has dozens of locations in Florida. Call 877-580-1500.

- Golf Made Simple. I can vouch for these guys. They keep the game simple. Call 888-580-3635 for more info on their women's classes.

- National Golf Schools. Call 877-580-1500.

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