No Time to Play 18? Try Florida's Exceptional Par-3 and Executive Courses

By: Tim McDonald


Yes, it's fun to stand on the tee box and stare down a fairway and see that speck of a green 600 yards away, then pull out your driver and try to hit it into the next galaxy. I won't deny it.

But, it's also fun to feather a wedge 130 yards into a sloped green, avoiding that tough bunker to the side and that nasty little pond in front.

One of the trends in golf the past few years is toward shorter, less time-consuming courses. A round of golf takes an average of four hours, give or take a little, and many people who have thought about taking up the game but didn't have said over the years they just don't have the time.

Well, tee it up Mr. and Mrs. Too-Busy. Florida has some great par-3 and short courses, also called executive courses, which are generally a short mix of par-3 and par-4 holes. You don't have to give up half your day; you can play a par-3 or executive course in less than two hours, then high-tail it back to work before the boss finds out.

There are shorter courses virtually everywhere in the state. Some of the better ones are Origins Golf Club in Northwest Florida, the Tooth at Orange County National in Orlando, the Golf Garden of Destin, Countryway Golf Club in Tampa and the executive course at the Bobby Jones Golf Complex in Sarasota.

Other enjoyable shorter courses include the Riviera Golf Club in Naples, Peridia Golf and Country Club in Bradenton and the Red Reef Park Executive Course in Boca Raton.

No more excuses.

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