An Ode to the Joys of Florida Summertime Golf

By: Tim McDonald


It always kills me when the media, every Labor Day, every year, starts pining about the bittersweet feeling of summer ending, the loss of long, endless days and golden light and all that malarkey.

Hey! I live in Florida! We have at least a month, maybe two, of summer left! Labor Day is almost our halfway point!

So, with this in mind, here are some of the best reasons for experiencing the many joys of summer golf in Florida -- while we're still in it.

- It's easier to get loose. In Florida, during summer, you wake up loose. So skip the warmup and have a sausage dog.

- Space and Time. I played a national-caliber golf course last week, in the middle of the day, and I and my partners had the place virtually to ourselves.

There's time to take it easy during your round. Look at the sky, think deep thoughts, play golf slowly the way it was meant to be played.

- Longer days mean more time to play at cheaper twilight rates.

- Sweat is good for you. It contains anti-aging oxidants that contribute to younger-looking skin and brighter teeth, as well as a higher earnings potential.

- You get to study the fascinating world of insects up close and personal.

- You get closer to Nature. You truly appreciate what a breeze can do to impart happiness. In our air-conditioned worlds, we forget that breezes are just about the most sensual things on earth.

- Fewer golfers in ugly sweaters.

- Summer rates!

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