Solar-Powered Golf Carts: The Time Has Come

By: Tim McDonald


What two things does Florida have more of than any state in the country?

Answer: Golf courses and sun.

So, put the two together and what do you have, aside from a perfect golf destination?

Solar-powered golf carts.

Yes, the idea's time has arrived. Actually, I wondered about this years ago, so I guess the rest of the world is just catching up with me. Golf carts are small and most of them are electric, so solar power makes sense.

You're helping the environment and in many cases your wallet because federal tax breaks are often connected with solar power.

There are a number of Florida companies making solar powered golf carts or kits to go with existing carts.

Among them are: Zager Plumbing and Solar in Deerfield Beach, Gulf City Solar in Bonita Springs, Cruise Car in Sarasota and Frugal Douglas in Tarpon Springs.

If you've ever been to a golf retirement community and seen the dozens of golf carts buzzing around, it's easy to see how popular these could become.

And if golf courses get behind the concept, the savings to the environment and economy could be huge.

One company representative told the Ft. Myers News Press golf courses could save $60,000-$90,000 in the first three years if they converted 50 carts to solar energy.

I'd love to see Florida become a leader in the field.

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