Innisbrook Resort Opens New Walking Course

By: Tim McDonald


When I go golfing for work – I know, it's hard to believe there is such a thing – I usually take a golf cart. That's because I carry around cameras, notebooks and other work equipment.

But, when I play purely for fun I almost always walk. Golf is a game meant for walking. I play better when I walk, for a number of reasons: I become intimate with the contours of the course, I have more time to think about my upcoming shot and I get looser. Other walkers tell me they have the same experience.

Besides, even if I'm having a bad day I can always tell myself I'm at least getting exercise. For those of you who scoff at the notion of golf as exercise, try walking for three or four hours, then get back to me.

That's why I was heartened when I saw Innisbrook Resort has opened a new walking course called the Fox Squirrel Golf Course.

Innisbrook is one of the best known golf resorts in Florida, mostly because of the excellence of its four other courses, especially the Copperhead course, which even the PGA Tour pros rave about. I've never been to Innisbrook without getting in some great golf time.

So, it took some nerve to open a new walking course, which is called the Fox Squirrel. It's mainly designed for youngsters. The course is only 850 yards so nobody is going to wear themselves out. And if we can get kids hooked on golf and walking, I can almost guarantee you childhood obesity stats will go south in a hurry.

The best part: Fox Squirrel is free for all guests and golfing members. They have three sizes of junior club rentals for those growing spurts.

Innisbrook is also offering family villas now, part of its stated goal of becoming a more family-friendly resort destination. One more reason to go.

Click here for my video on Innisbrook.

Call 727-942-2000 for more information.

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